Receive eco-friendly agricultural products directly from the farm!

From Starting June, 2016, at 'The Place Market', we are planning to introduce 1 new eco-friendly agricultural product each month, and all the products will be shipped directly from the farm to your house. The produce will include both your everyday products to exciting seasonal fruits and veggies!

Unfortunately, Korean food self-sustainability is only 22.8%, and amongs it, only 4% is organic, eco-friendly products. We bring these valuable, trust-worthy eco-friendly products from our community farmers to you. And, this is not the end of our market.

Meet the farmer who grew the food you are eating!

Every last Sunday of each month, at 'The Place Seoul' in Bukchon, Seoul, you can meet the farmer who grew the food you (are about to) order! We hope this would be an opportunity to ask questions and learn about Korean organic, eco-friendly agricultural products. Also, even if you haven't ordered the product, you can still join us at the offline market with the ticket purchase.

서울시 종로구 계동길 52-11


한옥 오피스 : 10시~21시(월~일)

게스트하우스 : 연중무휴

(체크인 15시 / 체크아웃 11시)

​공간대여 : 별도문의

52-11, Gyedong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea



Everyday : 10AM - 9PM

Check-in : 3PM

Check-out : 11AM

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